Massage Therapy

Massage Enhancements

Cupping 15 minutes


Extended Foot Massage 15 minutes


Warm Scalp Massage 15 minutes


Hot Stones 15 minutes


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The Quick Fix 15 minute chair massage

Great for those who are always on-the-go but need a little TLC. Even 15 minutes of massage can do you a world of good! This massage can be tailored to focus on a specific area or as a great introduction for those new to massage


The Quick Fix 30 minute chair or table massage

Great for those who don't have a ton of time to get some relief and stress relief from their day! The client may choose whether they hop on our chair or table depending on their goals and comfort level. A great pick-me-up any day!


The Soothe 50/80/110

Prepare your mind for the mental rest and comforting touch of this soothing massage. Utilizing a combination of classic Swedish strokes with gentle to medium pressure and gentle stretches to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension, this massage will leave your body rested and your mind calm for a fresh start. **Hot Stones are a great enhancement for this massage!


The Restore 50/80/110

Allow your cares to be worked out with this stimulating massage designed to restore and renew the body. Whether full body or area specific, this massage utilizes warm compresses to help dissipate knots and can be customized with medium to firm pressure to have you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. **A Warm Scalp Massage is a great enhancement for this massage!


The Active Body Muscle Recovery 50/80/110

An ideal choice for any fitness buff, this massage is tailored to your needs to help you achieve all your athletic goals. Myofascial and stretching techniques help to limber and loosen the body while our Birch Muscle Rub is used to keep muscles warmed, leaving you invigorated and ready to lead your active life. **An Extended Foot Massage is a great enhancement for this massage!


The Epicurean Experience 80/110

The Epicurean Experience is designed for total body rejuvenation. Your journey begins with a warm scalp massage with Moroccan oils followed by an intensely hydrating hair mask. Next, is a full body exfoliation using an orange blossom-scented sand scrub to reveal glowing, soft skin. Indulge in our eucalyptus steam shower after your scrub with an array of all natural hair and body products. Finally, you return to end the session with your choice of a 30 or 50 minute Swedish massage.


The Oh Baby! 75 minutes

Every expecting mother deserves extra care and attention, so we will nurture her with this full body massage. Our trained therapist will safely ease the tension and disomfort that comes along with pregnancy with the use of light to medium pressure and the aid of pillows. **An Extended Foot Massage is a great enhancement for this treatment!


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