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Epicure Essential Facial 30/50 min                                                        $55/$105

Our most popular and customizable facial including a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, massage, customized treatment, and mask.

Botanical Brightening Facial 30/50 min                                                         $65/$125

Gentle resurfacing treatment perfect for those with sensitive skin. This one is all about the glow!

Clarifying Acne Facial 30/80 min                                                                         $85/$155

Detoxify and balance oily, blemish-prone skin, while calming inflammation and irritation. Your esthetician will focus on extractions and skin clarification, with blue LED light therapy included in the 80 minute facial.

Teen Clean Facial 30/80 min                                                                                                $70

Similar to our Clarifying Acne Facial, but tailored with gentle products for younger, more sensitive skin.

Revitalift Infusion                                                                                                                       $155

Designed to treat acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin. A non-acid peel is infused into your skin using the Osmosis RevitaPen to penetrate and exfoliate, leaving healthier, more supple skin.

Custom Peel                                                                                                                      $50 - $160

Chemical or enzymatic? Deep or superficial? Your skin is unique, your goals are unique. Let our skin specialists choose the peel that will best benefit your skin on the way to achieving your goals.

*Please call for more pricing information

Add On - Red/Blue Led Light Therapy 15/30 min                            $25 - $45

This therapeutic treatment can combat signs of aging, stimulate collagen, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Add On - Dermaplane                                                                                           $40

Add dermaplane to any facial with the exception of the Custom Peel.

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